How IoT at home enables smart living with cheats?

From laundry piles in baskets to grimy wooden floors, from home security caring to energy-saving, the actively engaged life gives people a thought that they have no extra time to deal with other concerns at home after a busy day and it turns out floor cleaning goes over the top. Therefore, a few IoT-enabled cheats can certainly make your life a lot easier.

The digital transformations through IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a system of interrelated, internet-connected objects and represents the next phase of the internet revolution, which brings physical devices to the digital realm. 

IoT is actually not far from our everyday life. From Amazon Echo and Google Home at Smart Home, AT&T at Connected Car, to Fitbit Charge 3 at Wearables, it’s right happening in our daily life. IoT does not just come to consumers but also workers like farmers. IoT farming applications have proven to be effective for optimizing a lot of different activities such as determining the best time to harvest plants and sensing soil nutrients and moisture levels, so the precise farming can result in optimized production. The IoT-enabled cheats overall provide better life quality and experience not just in daily life but also farm management under smart living.

Embrace smart living through Tuya 

Tuya, an App that supports smart home devices, enables the cheats at its finest, connecting smart appliances to day-to-day life and using technology to create convenience. Midea would be the perfect example here. Midea split air conditioner can be turned on remotely through Tuya with timer control, temperature and wind speed setting, and modes of the air conditioner can be set up whenever and wherever you want.  

Media split air conditioner via Tuya

Midea split air conditioner via Tuya

Tuya is also compatible with other smart home appliance brands like Gree Electric, TCL, Skyworth, Whirlpool, Shinco and so on, for their air conditioners, TVs, smart bulbs, providing users with human-oriented controls and superior user experience.

It goes without saying that Tuya empowers smart home brands with high stability, technological leadership and user-friendliness, making it the optimal option for smart home enthusiasts.

As per smart living, cleaning is also a significant part of it. Messes like the yogurt spilled on the floors, the pet hair and pet dander hiding in the carpets, and much more that cannot be easily borne will do wear people down and consume a lot of energy cleaning them. So It’s time to act and let AIRROBO T10+ handle it all via Tuya for you.

AIRROBO ( & Robot Vacuum T10+

Robot Vacuum T10+ controlled by smart devices


IoT-based cleaning with Tuya and AIRROBO T10+ 

Rushing off every morning for work or school while eating at home might leave crumbs of toast or spilled milk on the floors. But It can be done easily and remotely by using Tuya with AIRROBO T10+ without costing you extra time.

Pin & Go, Room cleaning, and Restricted Area are the most frequently used features according to AIRROBO users’ feedback. Pin-and-go allows you to drop a pin on the virtual map and tell the AIRROBO T10+ to go clean the area around the target directly. After AIRROBO T10+ finishes building the map of your home by using Auto cleaning mode, you will get the whole map of segmented rooms automatically. After that, you may re-name those rooms and request the T10+ to clean any particular rooms according to the designated cleaning sequence. Restricted area and virtual wall are used when you want the T10+ to stay out of certain place. Simply add a restricted area after adjusting the size and placement of the rectangle, and click save. The T10+ then won’t enter or cross the area restricted.

AIRROBO T10+/T9 APP Features 

Other than those amazing features above, Tuya App interface is also quite intuitive when it comes to selecting suction level, choosing between mop only and vacuum only, or setting up a scheduled cleaning. The versatility of the Tuya App excels in satisfying a variety of usage scenarios, whether it's a crowded family that requires high cleaning frequency and low noise, or hard floors in kitchens and restrooms that need vacuuming plus mopping at the same time, the convenience of the AIRROBO T10+ will make those who have used it only once fall in love with it and never return to their traditional cleaning tools.


Suction Level, Cleaning Method & Scheduled Cleaning

Suction Level, Cleaning Method & Scheduled Cleaning

 If you already have Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant at your home, try voice control on your AIRROBO T10+. It’s like adding magic sparkles on boring house chores. Here are the steps to link Alexa:

  • Make sure you have Echo and have downloaded Alexa
  • Log in Alexa
  • Add device and select Amazon Echo
  • Choose Echo model, set up and continue until the setup is done
  • Select Wi-Fi and link
  • At Home, search Tuya on Skills and Games and enable it
  • Link Tuya
  • Discover devices, or you can say “Alexa, discover devices”
  • It takes 20 seconds to discover the device and finally link theAIRROBO T10+
  • Say “Alexa, turn on T10+”to start cleaning
  • Or say “Alexa, turn off T10+”to stop cleaning



Alexa on Tuya

There would be chances that some consumers might find it difficult to connect the App, however, Tuya has been updated to a dual-mode application to which users spend less than 2 minutes to complete the whole process. To find out how, please check out the instructional video below:

AIRROBO T10+/T9 (App Connection Guide)

The smart living with cheats comes easy with a smart phone, an Application downloaded, an intelligent device and the internet exquisitely combined. AIRROBO, the world leading smart home appliance brand along with Tuya, will continue providing home cleaning solutions to make your life free as a breeze.  

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