How to get prepared for pet shedding season?

How frustrating is pet shedding season?

No matter how much we love our dogs, shedding may be a source of frustration. The tangle of canine hair can drive even the most dog owners nuts. With the exception of entirely hairless dogs, all dogs shed to some extent. Some breeds - so-called hypoallergenic dogs - shed very little, however others - particularly double-coated types - shed a lot. Labrador Retrievers, Newfoundlands, and Alaskan Malamute are all known for their excessive shedding. Dachshunds, Poodles, and Border Terriers, for example, appear to shed very little.

During the spring and fall, most dogs shed more. The shift in temperature causes seasonal shedding. Dogs shed their old winter undercoats as the weather warms up, making room for lighter summer coats. When the weather becomes colder, dogs shed their lighter undercoats and acquire thicker and warmer coats in preparation for the winter. It's also crucial on the other hand to keep an eye on any unusually high shedding, as dogs’ health might affect their shedding rate.


Dog shedding season

Dog shedding season


The hidden health risks that you can’t see

While shedding is what our fur babies must go through seasonally, it’s however something that will slowly and directly affect our health - when it comes to other aspects - if we don’t think it’s necessary to clean it up often.

If you are used to being comfortable staying barefoot on hardwood floors or carpets at home, chances are your fur babies love doing what you do as well while playing in their paradise. They're constantly jumping up and down, running and leaving their fur all over the place, resulting in some shaggy "fur-loors." Pet dander on the other hand affects your lungs. Yes, you read that right. Not only may pet dander irritate your eyes and cause a runny nose, but it can also be detrimental to your respiratory system, especially if you have pet allergies. Contact dermatitis, hives, and asthma can all be triggered by coming into physical contact with pet dander. This might "lead to a decline in the ability of the lungs to function" according to the American Lung Association. So dealing with it during shedding season is a must.


Health issues brought by shedding season

Health issues brought by shedding season


The common vacuums for households like stick vacuums, canister vacuums and handheld vacuums require yo u to manually operate and spend time on cleaning the pet dander while looking for where it might be hidden, eit her at the corners or under the furniture. “Both vacuum cleaning and the act of vacuuming can release and re-suspend dus t and allergens, leading to increased exposure”, said researchers from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Some vacuum cleaners actually spit fine dust and bacteria into the air the moment you clean up the dustbin . Especially for homes with pets, it would surely take a lot of time and energy. AIRROBO robot vacuum T10+ with LiDAR navigation and automatic dust collection would b e the perfect cleaning solution for your floors, while AIRROBO air purifier AR400 captures and locks floating pet dander with customized pet filter to eliminate the bad smell, alleviating your respiratory conditions and providing you with a better sleep at night.


Auto Clean saves the day with T10+

AIRROBO T10+, which consists of a high-torque brush roll and side brushes, enables it to effectively roll up and vacuum pet hair and also dirt and debris that are hidden in tile gaps, on hardwood floors, under furniture, and on carpets, providing 2700Pa suction power while cleaning along with a route it generates in your home.

Speaking of generated routes, T10+ is empowered with excellent LiDAR navigation skills that can more accurately, swiftly, and comprehensively scan the environment of your home while mapping. The top laser sensor rotates six times per second to rapidly and thoroughly scan your place, create a virtual map, and choose the best cleaning path. That way you won't have to worry about where it's supposed to go. After its cleanup, it will go back to the automatic dust collection base - where first launched it - and start cleaning itself up. The base then sucks up all the garbage from T10+ into the 3.3L allergy-friendly dust bag and is able to store them for up to 45 days. Pet fur basically takes up a whole lot of space so 3.3L should be a good fit for household chores in pet families. With the sliding door of dust bag automatically seals itself once you pull the dust bag out from the charging base, you have absolutely zero physical contact with pet fur, pet dander, dust and allergens.


Automatic-sealing allergy-friendly dust bag

Automatic-sealing allergy-friendly dust bag


With control using the Tuya App, you can set up scheduled cleaning for your T10+ either when you are going shopping, working in the office or any odds that you are not home. Pet fur should be cleaned at least a couple of times every week, therefore setting it up to automatically clean 1 or 2 times per day depending on how many pets you have enables you to totally free your hands and enjoy a clean space that can actually bring you a good mood after a long day.

Auto Clean would never drag you to a point to make you wonder “what if it hurts my dogs while it’s cleaning and while I am away from home?” The upgraded USLAM Air 5.0™ algorithm empowers T10+ to scan the space and objects around the T10+ with a laser and map out the distance between the T10+ and its surroundings. With the algorithm it actively records the T10+’s surroundings with 23 sets of sensors and 4 sets of cliff sensors, it won’t collide with your fur babies nor clamp their tails. What makes it more outstandingly like a human is - USLAM has been proven to be the most robust and reliable algorithm in humanoid robotics industry.



The first and foremost step to a healthy lung with AR400

The issue with airborne pollutants is that people typically have no idea what long-term effects they may have. Air purifiers however are the best way to clean your indoor air, which may be polluted and full of triggering particles such as pet dander, pollen, and dust that we can’t see with the naked eyes. Air purifiers also contribute to a healthy environment by removing pet dander, mold spores, ragweed, and other contaminants, resulting in a healthy lung with no irritations triggered. AIRROBO AR400 comes with excellent features that can perfectly solve the problems. It features a high CADR (clean air delivery rate), low noise, Tres AirTM Filtration, and an alternative pet allergy filter.



Dogs can certainly bring us a lot of joy, love and companionship but they can also fill our homes - large or small - with pet dander that we don’t notice. AIRROBO AR400 features high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) which is 300m3/h (188CFM) and provides powerful and efficient air purifying performance for large spaces up to 430ft2(40m2) in 19 minutes, with benefits of rapidly improving indoor air quality.

The cleaner the air you inhale, the better the results it delivers. For the AR400 air purifying performance, Tres Air™ Filtration combining with 3 lines of defense - pre-filter, HEPA filter and enhanced activated carbon filter - blocks large and small particles, over 99.97% allergens especially for the particles at 0.3 microns, VOCs and odors. Tres Air™ Filtration however brings them all in one, having higher filtration efficiency as a one stop solution.

Its unique versatility also supports it to professionally, specially, and comprehensively resist against different kinds of airborne pollutants. Against pet dander, the optional pet allergy filter is designed for pet dander and smell, greatly improving the respiratory conditions and reducing irritations on your body with 15% more filtration layers than competitive products.

Without a doubt, shedding creates a shambles over time. As a dog owner, you've probably accepted that regular house cleaning is the norm, particularly during shedding season. However, the aftermath should be identified and managed before it gets worse. The key is to remove pet hair with AIRROBO T10+ before it has a chance to embed itself into your carpets and hardwood floors, and purify the indoor air with AIRROBO AR400 every second you breathe to keep your cozy home and your health free from mess and risks.


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