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How to Operate
Troubleshooting with FAQ
Why is my humidifier not working and the indicators are off?

This usually happens when the power is not connected. You can check whether the humidifier is connected to the power supply, or you can check whether the outlet has power. When there is no water in the tank, it will not work either. You may need to fill the water tank with water.

Why are the three mist indicators flashing?

This is how the water shortage protection is triggered, indicating that the water tank is now short of water. To prevent it from being dry-fired, fill the tank with water before restarting.

Why is there no mist or just very little mist coming out from the humidifier, but no prompts at all?

This is related to the problem of either it's dirty inside or the water quality. This can also happen when the diaphragm float (air pump) is stuck. You may clean the water tank and the atomizer, pour the dirty water and refill it with the clean one, check and clean the diaphragm float (air pump) before rebooting.

Why does my humidifier smell bad?

This may be caused by dirty water or stagnant water. You need to dump the water and refill it with clean water, or clean the tank.

Why is my humidifier not humidifying well?

The mist outlet might be clogged with sediment. Please clean it.

Why does my humidifier make humming or buzzing noise?

This is because the humidifier is not placed properly, tilted or not fixed on a flat surface. Please place it on a solid countertop or a flat surface to use.

Why does my humidifier indicate it's short of water but it actually has water and doesn't work?

Excessive tilt angle of the humidifier causes the water level in the top cover of the base to be determined as too low and the humidifier protection mechanism will be triggered. Please place it on a flat surface.

Why does my humifidier make a loud noise?

Here are the different mist levels in different scenarios for your reference.
Sleep mode - small room with an area of 5 to 12 square meters.
Level 1 - small room with an area of 8 to 20 square meters.
Level 2 - larger room or small living room with an area of 20 to 35 square meters.
Level 3 - large bedroom, living room or office, with an area of 30 to 45 square meters.
Please adjust the mist level accordingly to avoid being disturbed by the noise. If the noise is still unbearable, please contact customer service.

Why is it that my humidifier has no mist no matter how much water I fill it with when I first use it, but when the water is filled to 1 liter, it basically fogs up and wets the surroundings?

The diaphragm float (air pump) may have been lost during dumping the water or cleaning. Please contact customer service to get a new one.


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